BOG is a fighting game that truly believes that all play-to-earn games should have a balanced "play" aspects as well as their "earn". Hence, we create our characters in a way so that no one play will have the unfair advantage over others. A balanced yet competitive game is what we are. To achieve that condition, we have developed races and tiers inside the game.


The characters are differentiate into three races: Guardians, Humans, and Demons. The races are differentiated by three attributes, which are Health Points, Damage, and Intelligence.

  1. Health Points - The number of health a character has.

  2. Damage - Overall damage points that a character can bring upon its opponent.

  3. Intelligence - Additional damage points for characters who uses its movement combinations (combos).

The following figures show the attributes each race has. Any character who belong inside of that race will follow the similar attribute.

To summarize, these are the attributes for each race.

  1. Guardians - Have more damage points

  2. Humans - Have more intelligence points

  3. Demons - Have more health points


Tiers are here to produce a whole new experience for every player inside of the game. BOG will offer three tiers, all with different features inside of them. These tiers are:

  1. Elite Fighter - Barebones of characters, has low rewards for every win.

  2. Legendary Warrior - Equipped with special skills, has moderate rewards for every win.

  3. God of War - Full set of special skills and ultra skill, has high rewards for every win.

With balance in mind, BOG has determined that players of a tier can only play with players of that same tier (e.g. God of War character can only fight against God of War character as well). With this rule set, players should have a balanced yet competitive gameplay.

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