In a distant past, humanity coexisted with powerful beings known as Guardians. These Guardians possessed abilities far beyond those of mere mortals, and as such, were revered as deities. In return for their worship, the Guardians maintained balance on Earth and protected humanity from harm.

As technology advanced, humans grew increasingly reliant on machines to perform the tasks once entrusted to the Guardians. Consequently, the Guardians were gradually forgotten and eventually vanished from the earth.

But fate had other plans for humanity. After millennia had passed, a group of humans unknowingly opened a portal to Hell, unleashing a horde of demonic creatures upon the world. Civilization crumbled in the face of this overwhelming invasion, and all seemed lost. But just as humanity's hope was on the brink of extinction, the Guardians reappeared, ready to defend their worshippers once more.

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