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Our vision - to build a long-term, stable, and constantly evolving game environment and economy. Our endgame is the creation of a sustainable game franchise that will lead the NFT Fighting Game industry where developers, investors and players can all contribute together to explore endless opportunities in the Fighting game Metaverse.
As BOG is incubated by GGG, we too believe that metaverse is part of the future and we are keen to build progressively on top of it. As more and more people are joining the play-to-earn movement and start a living from gaming, this is the perfect time for BOG to spread its wings and take those people off the ground!
BOG did not build this only with assumptions. We have gathered statistics about the gaming industry, NFT gaming industry, and NFT sales (2021) and was assured that the movement is there, and the timing is now.
The global gaming market is currently valued at >300 billion USD. Whereas the NFT gaming market only took less than ten percent of it. There are still lots of room for this industry to grow, especially NFT Fighting Game. Hence, why we built BOG.